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It’s A Boy!!!

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Phillip Andrew Waller arrived on October 19, 2016 at 7:29PM weighing 9Lbs, 7oz and 22 inches in length. A smooth and healthy delivery for baby and mom was our prayer and God truly answered our request. Phillip was our first baby to wait until birth to find out the gender, but we had a hunch that our little one would …

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Time With Family

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Around a month ago, we camped out at Chick-fil-a in line to be one of the first one hundred guests served at an opening restaurant. Another restaurant was going to be opening soon and Priscilla’s brothers, Nathan and David Keller were excited about the prospect of being able to go camping for the first time. David still had some office …

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Paul’s First Birthday!

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Following Waller family tradition, David got up early on Sunday morning, March 16 and made a batch of “Swedish Pancakes” for Paul’s birthday breakfast–A special treat that is made to be remembered. Often, it goes along with an omelet, bowl of cereal or fruit. The Swedish Pancake recipe is so simple, most Wallers have it memorized: 1 C Flour, 1 …

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Off to Israel

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The dream of any person who has a love for Scripture is to travel to the land where it took place and much of it was first documented. We have long dreamed of doing so, but only recently through some creative planning and thrifty budgeting we are able to actually chart out our own course on a trip of a …

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Grandmas Visit

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Throughout Scripture grandmas played an important role in the lives of their children, and grandchildren. It is hard for us to realize just how much their families were benefited with the multi-generational influence each family took on. One vivid example is that of Timothy who was raised by his mother and grandmother to become not only an assistant to Paul, …


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A great vacation does not have to cost a lot of money. It does not even have to consist of weeks away from work. They are not built by exotic locations or special events. A life-changing vacation is based on love and love is demonstrated by giving. I think back to all the times that meant the most to me …

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Happy Valentines Day!

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Our day has been a very happy one. One filled with special tokens of love with chocolate, flowers, and time together, topped by a special dinner out. However, I feel like every day of our married bliss has been so special because love has been shown in the times of great fun and also in the challenges of life. True …

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~ Happy Fall ~

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We love the Fall, especially with the leaves changing. As a Florida girl, it has been really fun for Priscilla to  get to enjoy all four seasons. Watch the video to find out some of the lessons God has taught Priscilla through watching the beauty of God’s creation. Priscilla’s Reflections At a busy intersection near Chicago, Priscilla pauses to reflect …