Merry Christmas!

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So much has happened in the past few months that not only have we not taken the time to blog about it, but we have had very little time for anything. Let me recount a few of the ways God has been working in our lives.


Oct. 2nd will forever live in my memory as a day of great loss. My sister, Rebecca, went home to heaven, October 2, at around 8:30am. The twenty-two years of life that God gave us with her seem so short, but in light of eternity all of our lives are short. The most important thing is a relationship with Jesus Christ that Rebecca evidenced by the fruit of her life. She is in heaven today, not because she was a good person, but because she trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal savior. The instant her car was struck, she passed from earth to heaven and is in the presence of the Lord. Over the past several years, Rebecca and I shared many happy memories of ministry together. She was my secretary and helped run many conferences from little known capacities behind the scenes. I miss her so much! We are a very close family and her loss has been and will continue to be deeply felt by all. We also have experienced an outpouring of love and support by so many. Thank you! We treasure each text message, email, and kind word that has been shared with us.

You can see more of the report from when all this happened by visiting here.

Zambia Trip

In late January our family embarked on an adventure of a life-time taking a trip to the continent of Africa to visit Priscilla’s oldest sister, Esther and her husband John, along with their twelve children. Priscilla’s two brothers, Nathan and David, also were able to travel with us. After 36 hours of travel, we arrived in Zambia, Africa for a two week family visit. We were able to join the Shrader Family in their regular ministry and mission work and support their effort to reach the people of Africa with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pictured above is our family with their family and the world renowned Victoria Fall’s that we were blessed to see.      

You can see more pics here

Peter David Waller Arrives

God blessed us with a little boy on May 6th. We chose the name Peter because Jesus’ disciple, Peter, was quick to recognize and proclaim the title that Jesus deserved–“Thou art the Christ!” Jesus turned to Peter, and said, “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18). We chose David as his middle name because I am the fifth born of my family and he is also our fifth born. We trust he will be “a man after God’s own heart” like David of the Bible.

You can see more about his name and arrival here

Three Family Weddings

Priscilla’s younger sister, Susanna married York Bridges and we were so blessed to be there for the celebration in February. In July, Priscilla’s younger brother, Nathan married Nurie Rodrigues. We were so blessed to be able to be a part of that wedding. Also in July, my younger sister married Graeme Wolf.

Conferences Throughout the US

In addition to all of the wonderful family events, we were able to travel as a family to host a few Family Conferences, and a handful of Family Connections this year. It was quite a different year, but blessed on every account. It is amazing to think that I have been in conference ministry for the past 13 years.

Call to Fairpark Baptist Church Pastoral Ministry

Since my little sister passed away, my desire to make our lives count for eternity has intensified. The most fruitful life is one that is completely surrendered to the Lord. When I initially received a phone call from one of the men of Fairpark Baptist Church, I declined showing any interest in pastoring. However, after much prayer and consideration, we saw the Lord’s hand leading us to make the move to Fort Worth and begin pastoral ministry. We have been blessed to get to know many of the congregants over the last number of years as many of them attended Family Conferences that I organized. The move has gone far better than I could have dreamed and we are enjoying getting settled in to a new routine and focus.

Come visit us sometime when you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We would love to have you as our guest. You can also visit virtually at

Update on our Children

I know we have already noted the arrival of our youngest, Peter, but each of our children are just an amazing gift from God that we treasure. Destiny has shown quite the personality. She turned 2 in October and loves making six-month-old Peter laugh. She gives him his pacifier and is an all-around aspiring little mommy complete with the bossy commands to each of her siblings if parents aren’t present. Phillip is “Daddy’s little helper” wanting to go everywhere I go. At four years of age, he has incredible endurance biking along when I go for a 3 mile jog. Davia is a budding artist, and for six, she is doing well. Paul, 7, is all things active. His energy abounds. He is doing well with his school and especially does well with Math.

Merry Christmas to You All!

David Waller for Priscilla, Paul, Davia, Phillip, Destiny, and Peter


  1. David and Priscilla,
    David, I thought your Family Conferences this fall were wonderful. I especially liked Dr. Gibbs messages.
    I am so thankful that you and Priscilla fill let to work at Fairpark Baptist Church. It is a blessing
    to me to be able to follow you and your precious family.
    His riches blessings to you.

  2. I love the Buffalo Plaid on everyone. I did the same thing with my family. Merry Christmas!

  3. Christmas Blessings to the Waller family. Have a New Year full of love,happiness,peace and blessings to all. God Bless. The children are so adorable. Thank you for the update.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  4. You are a beautiful family, inside and out! Sharing your love for the Lord, in everything, is precious! May God bless you in 2021!

  5. Congratulations on moving into full-time pastoral ministry. While God’s will is more important than the way we feel about things, this may well be the most fulfilling thing you’ll do in your whole life.

  6. God bless you and your family. You/Priscilla have been blessed with beautiful (inside & out) children and I love that you both are parents to your children, raising them together because each parent brings something special/wisdom to each child that carries them through life.

    Your faith is a little different than mine, but I recognize a true & loving heart and that shines through with your testimony and your family’s love and happiness with each other. ????

  7. A whirlwind Season for your Family. What is your Main Focus of your pastoral Minister at your church?

  8. You should update your blog more often. What have you been up to? What homeschool curriculum do you use? Why? Are the kids going to any summer camps?

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