He’s Here!

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God has blessed us with a little boy born today, May 6th at 9:07 A.M. His name is Peter David Waller. He weighs 9lbs, 0oz and is 22 & 3/4 inches long. Priscilla and Peter are doing well. Thank you for your prayer!


  1. Congratulations on your new blessing! I am so happy for your family. Peter is so cute and I am so happy that Priscilla had a safe delivery. Thank you for sharing. With everything that’s going on in the world it is so nice to hear about this positive and blessed news.

  2. Answered prayers for sure! He is adorable. Precious family. Love his name.

    Praise the Lord for such a blessing! Congratulations to all

  4. Such a beautiful family! Congratulations on your new little blessing!

  5. Beautiful family and testament to His Mercy and Love. Congratulations on lil-( or LOONG????) Peter We have 6,kids 24-4 ,our last is adopted from Fostercare and homeschooled them all graduating 4 so far. I have followed you for years and years through different platforms and have respected how you use your platform to give the Gospel and Live in the Abiding Grace of our Redeemer. Phil.1:3-11 Thank you is an understatement of the encouragement.

  6. Congratulations!! I have six wonderful blessings! Nothing like those sweet boys ♥️♥️

  7. Congratulations!!! He’s so precious! Your youngest daughter immediately wanting to hold the baby and loving him, melted my heart. Priscilla, I can’t believe he’s not even an hour in the pics an video. You look beautiful and glowing!!!

  8. Good job on just deflecting .. how did he get out ? Lol congrats everyone !

  9. Congratulations on the birth of Peter David. Welcome to the world Peter David. God Bless. The children are beautiful. Blessings to all.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  10. Congratulations to your family! Peter is adorable!!!! May God bless keep you all as you continue to follow and seek him!

  11. Congratulations of the arrival of Peter David … he’s
    absolutely beautiful! Such a blessing!

  12. Congratulations on your newest blessing. You and Priscilla are wonderful parents. God bless your wonderful family!

  13. Congratulations! He is beautiful. Your family is so sweet. Happy Mothers Day Priscilla!

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