Baby Shower

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This past weekend, our family and friends from church put on a church baby shower. It was first-class decorations and the food was amazing! The demonstration of Christ’s love from so many amazing people left us speechless.

Some people might say, “Why a shower if it is not your first child?” While many families have a shower for their first and “sprinkles” or “diaper showers” for the children thereafter, for us, several of our useful baby items are quite well loved by the time our sixth child is almost here. Here are some of the pictures:

The boys didn’t seem to mind being color coordinated for the shower either. They came at the beginning and then hung out with David for most of the time.
This winsome smile gets us every time!
Destiny has been growing up so much! She prays almost every night for “the new baby.”
Davia is adorable with her front teeth missing!
We took a minute to start out the shower thanking those who invested so much into it and then praying God’s blessing over the little one’s soon arrival. She could come anytime in the next three weeks!
The center pieces on the tables were diaper cakes.
The amount of time and resources invested to put on this gorgeous shower was amazing and delicious.
David’s parents were able to make it to town and spend the day with us! We are truly so blessed.


  1. What is your churches youtube page? And congratulations on Little Deborah Joy!!!!!!! She is so cute!!!!!

  2. Congratulations o the birth of Deborah Joy… you have a lovely family!

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