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Has anyone had some extra time at home or with family lately? Most people’s schedules and plans this month have been affected by efforts to avoid the spreading of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Because of this, many now get to experience unanticipated time together as a family — so let’s make it count! If that includes you, here are some ways to make that family time meaningful for eternity:

1. Pray. Gather your children and intercede for family or friends, first responders and healthcare givers, leaders, missionaries, and those who are already infirm. Remember to use these days to pray for God to intervene on their behalf.
2. Listen. Gather the family and listen to an encouraging message. The messages on are a great place to start! Check out the series that children love such as Dr. Jobe Martin’s Creation Proclaims. The vivid video clips of animals that Dr. Martin uses to illustrate the irrefutable evidence of the Genesis account of creation is powerful. You and your children will also be fascinated by the recently produced Legacy of Faith series featuring Otto Koning. You can view the entire library of messages by signing up for a free month of access. Sunday Morning’s church service was extra special for our children. They sang the hymns and recited some Scripture before the message:

3. Grow. Spend time together in the Word and in worship. After reading a chapter of the Bible, give every family member a chance to pray out loud. Finally, have every one select a verse of a favorite hymn or Bible song that you can sing together. If you need to, turn on music and sing along, or pull out the instruments and make a “joyful noise to the Lord.”

4. Dramatize. Using stories or characters from the Bible, let parents go first in charades! Remember, the more you get into it, the more fun everyone will have!

5. Read. Find an inspiring biography of a great Christian and read it out loud with expression.

6. Fellowship. While enjoying dinner together as a family, ask each person about a favorite memory they have of time spent together with each other (bonus: you can even make it a themed dinner by selecting a particular country or era to “enter”!).

7. Learn. Find a documentary or an educational film about great Christians that you can learn from by watching together.

8. Explore. Get outside and go for a walk,  or a spontaneous fishing trip!

9. Create. Put on a family talent show!

10. Reminisce. Go through old photos together. If you can, display them on a big screen and talk about them as a family.

11. Play. Table and board games or puzzles can be so much fun! Pictionary and Catch Phrase are great places to start!

12. Venture. Go on a jog, bike ride or a drive in the country together as a family. Yesterday we all accompanied David as he went on his own country marathon. The marathon he had planned on was canceled, so we supported him along his 26.2 miles.

13. Compete. Have a friendly cooking contest. For an extra challenge, limit ingredients to only the basic things you have on hand.

14. Clean. It is fun when everyone pitches in, and it is not too early to do spring-cleaning! If your house is already spic and span, turn to your cars and give them a wash, wax, and a vacuum job.

15. Garden. Get outside to do some planting or landscaping. If weather keeps you indoors, plan a home improvement project.

16. Encourage. Make cards to send to people who need a word of appreciation or encouragement. Start with elderly relatives or friends, first responders, or medical personnel.

If you like these ideas or have one of your own, leave a comment, forward the ideas to a friend or post them on your social media accounts. Let’s use this time to strengthen your family in the Lord!


  1. This past weekend was National Camp at Home day/weekend and so we took part in it! Our family loves to camp and although it’s still a bit chilly here in New Jersey we decided to pitch our tent indoors! We took turns adding to a story (about a family of chipmunks who goes camping 🙂 ), sang hymns, listened to an Adventure in Odyssey, and laughed so hard we cried! And although Dad and Mom’s backs were a bit achy the next day, it was well worth it, for the memory!

  2. I spend a lot of time in my backyard gardening and planted some new items, such as corn and asparagus. You have a lovely family! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for all these wonderful ideas David and Priscilla!
    We hope that you are doing well .
    We most certainly have been using the time wisely up here in Canada as well. Darrell has been repainting our cedar patio benches and we have been painting numerous walls with the kids in tow.
    Praying for you as always,

    Darrell , Heather and children

  4. I think exploring outdoors with family is an excellent use of time. We plan to go on a camping trip (away from others as we are social distancing) and teach our children about the importance of protecting the Earth, our environment, and wildlife. We will plant five trees for our five children.

    Next we are fostering an older dog from our local animal shelter. There is a huge need for good foster families for older pets.

    Lastly we are going to start a fun book read aloud. Going to read a childhood favorite of ours “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” which is by a Christian author.

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