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Around a month ago, we camped out at Chick-fil-a in line to be one of the first one hundred guests served at an opening restaurant. Another restaurant was going to be opening soon and Priscilla’s brothers, Nathan and David Keller were excited about the prospect of being able to go camping for the first time.


David still had some office work to do, so he brought his mobile office with him and finished some much needed work.


David’s brothers were also coming into town for a wedding so they came a day or two early to also join us for the fun event.davidlovespriscilla0326141606

Setting up tents went fast and the weather was beautiful.


Soon thereafter, we celebrated a birthday for David’s brother, Matthew.davidlovespriscilla0327141922

Priscilla had seen a picture of this ice cream cake at cold stone when we were out on a date night and so she did her best to copy the picture. It was amazing!


David has been wanting to get to know the people at the church we attend a bit more. The guys enjoy a pick up game of hockey late Saturday nights so David decided to join them. He was able to pick up some very nice gear through craigslist via a friend and join in.davidlovespriscilla0329142310

David learned how to skate early in life having come from Minnesota, but he feels he learned most about it when he lived in Mongolia.

Another benefit of having Nathan and David here is catching up on many projects that needed to be done. The porch had not been stained in quite some time.

We all got on old clothes and gave it our best effort.

A Weekend At the Farm



When David was just turning 15, the Waller family was finally able to purchase a farm. He has many memories of life on the farm and it was fun to visit.davidlovespriscilla0412141005a

Priscilla’s younger brothers, David and Nathan enjoyed seeing all the equipment.davidlovespriscilla0412141127a

One of the major projects was cleanup work from what was left of the barn. A wind storm had taken most of it down, but we got to finish it off.davidlovespriscilla0412141301b

We also all got to help with rounding up the calves and doing some regular chores.davidlovespriscilla0412141301c davidlovespriscilla0412141710

What would a weekend with the Wallers be like without a little fun? We enjoyed playing some games together.davidlovespriscilla0413141253

On Sunday, we visited Paul’s great-grandpa, a World War II veteran who enjoys playing piano and telling stories.davidlovespriscilla0413141510b

Paul got to meet his great-grandmother as well, who is recovering after some illness.davidlovespriscilla0413141529 davidlovespriscilla0413141608

Paul wanted to join his great-grandpa in a piano duet.davidlovespriscilla0413141631a

Farm Projects:


We finally did dismantle a good portion of the barn and stacked it high on a wagon and hauled it off. Some of the wood will be sold and much of it will be used as firewood.davidlovespriscilla0414141520a

Enjoying a ride back!


A good day of work on the farm brings back lots of fun memories… and makes a few more.davidlovespriscilla0414141852c

Uncle David and Aunt Jill (David’s) came over to celebrate Dad Waller’s birthday.


Easter Creationsdavidlovespriscilla0419141751a

Easter is always such a special time to celebrate the fact that He is risen! “If Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain” I Corinthians. 15:14 


Priscilla and her brothers made some festive desserts. Here we caught David red handed sneaking a bite while making “Easter Nests.” Easter Nests are simply a rice crispy treat recipe, but instead of crispy rice cereal, we use chow mien noodles. Once a nest has been made, add the jelly beans and then let is set.

Priscilla is such a diligent women. With all the other things she has going on, she still tries to take time to do some gardening.davidlovespriscilla0419141936b



With Family In Texas

How is it that you can diligently be making sure your child is not getting into anything and then you turn around for just a split second and he is in the middle of a puddle.


All we could do was laugh or cry, so why not enjoy the moment.


MacKynzie was having fun getting buried in the sand.



Little Marcus, the youngest of the cousins, did not quite know what was going on. He did his best to get dirty though. 🙂




Four of the eight Keller children were together enjoying the sand.davidlovespriscilla0426141850aPriscilla and Anna had fun being together as moms as well as sisters.



  1. Looks like you all had a lot of fun! In the pic of the swings Michael looks huge! I guess it’s just the angle. And congratulations on the new baby on the way!

  2. What a lovely family. We are always so uplifted by your posts. You seem to maintain your godly attitude in all your endeavors and we are often reminded of the scripture at Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men” when we read your blog. So great to have a website that is an encouragement to other families.

  3. thank you Anna and Priscilla for the last video it is very encouraging and a very good advice. I will be trying that with my children. Sometimes life just so busy, but God is so good to help me get back on track through encouragment and advice from people like you. God bless your familly. With love from Washington State 🙂

  4. Oh when I saw Paul playing in the mud puddle that brought back memories of when my daughter was little. My husband had dressed her in a very expensive outfit and she went and played in the mud puddle in her new outfit. I was quite upset with him but now looking back he did not know the outfit was special and he was taking good care of my daughter while I was at work and he did take some pictures. I guess my point is kids grow up so fast and they are discovering their world and I think you handle it perfectly. You are such and inspiration to me.

  5. The Husband and I have been so wanting to do a Chick-fil-a sleepover!
    It gotta be fun having the whole family involved!
    Did you guys make it into the first 100?

    Once again..THANKS for the encouraging videos,Priscilla!

    I have an Android phone and have a few bible apps installed on it.
    Standing in line, sitting in traffic, in a waiting room…etc,how easy it is to immerse myself in God’s word! And because of that format, I have found myself sharing His word (with others)when I normally might not be able to!

    I have one app (Bible KJV for Android) that can read the Bible out loud. However, the voice is rather computerized.
    Do you (or anyone seeing this comment :-D) recommend any others?

    Best Wishes and blessings.

    1. Author

      One great one that is free is Bible.is It is an app that reads the Bible in a more normal voice and had lots of languages as well as Bible translations. Check it out!

      1. I just downloaded it!
        3 minutes in and Im amazed!

        Thanks ever so much for that recommendation!


      2. I also want to thank you for the information about this site. It is wonderful! I love it. It is amazing to me that this is free.

        I enjoy your website so much and appreciate how you and your family allow others to see how the Lord is truly your focus in all your life.

        You all are such a blessing.

  6. Honestly,you guys are so encouraging. Thank you so much.
    (PS the squirmy babies are darling)

  7. I just had to comment on how much Anna and Priscilla look alike. I hadn’t really thought that they looked alike before…enough to know they were related, but not like they did in this particular batch of photos and videos. They are beautiful young women and wonderful examples.
    Blessings to you and your family!

  8. Awesome post! The cake Priscilla made looks amazing! Do you plan on posting some of Priscilla’s recipes on here? 🙂 Her food, from the pictures, look amazing and would love to try out her favorite recipes to cook for you and guests!

  9. So cute!! You can tell who’s from Florida in the picture on the porch! Haha! 🙂

  10. You all are so sweet and such a loving couple. It is so nice to know that there are good role models out there. We just saw you all at the homeschool conference today and it was a real blessing. Thank you!

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