Off to Israel

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The dream of any person who has a love for Scripture is to travel to the land where it took place and much of it was first documented. We have long dreamed of doing so, but only recently through some creative planning and thrifty budgeting we are able to actually chart out our own course on a trip of a life-time with fourteen of the Wallers. (Dad, Mom, four brothers (one is married with a daughter) and four sisters.


Pulling out of our home in Chicago, the weather was quite different from where we were headed.


It started out with homemade sandwiches eaten on the 20 minute ride to the airport. DavidlovesPriscilla00003

There are lots of ways to spend money, but a few really easy ways to save it. One is by making and bringing your food instead of the myriad of faster and easier options.DavidlovesPriscilla00004

Yes, a fair bit of luggage. We were also bringing some Christmas gifts over for some friends who live in Israel.DavidlovesPriscilla00005

Priscilla sure is a fun traveling person and always has some treat stowed away in her bag.DavidlovesPriscilla00006


Sisters somehow have a way of capturing pictures that we normally would not get. Here Priscilla and David head through the airport. Paul is happy as he gets a ride with mommy :-).DavidlovesPriscilla00008

David’s oldest brother Adam and his wife Valerie having “airplane food” as their three-month-old daughter contentedly takes a snooze.DavidlovesPriscilla00009

A quick stop in Dusseldorf Germany before we board the plane for Tel Aviv, Israel.DavidlovesPriscilla00010

Priscilla is such a good mom and Paul is a happy traveler, especially when he has lots to eat.DavidlovesPriscilla00011

He also seems to want to be well informed. He seems to be getting into everything within reach these days.DavidlovesPriscilla00012

Our first sight of the Holy Land!DavidlovesPriscilla00013 DavidlovesPriscilla00014 DavidlovesPriscilla00015

Now the tricky part. We rented three cars and they were really small. We finally managed to get all the luggage in thanks to a friend putting some in his car. Still, it was tight.DavidlovesPriscilla00016

What a beautiful country! This is literally right out our front door.DavidlovesPriscilla00017 DavidlovesPriscilla00018

Yum!!! We sure enjoyed our falafel and shawarma!DavidlovesPriscilla00019 DavidlovesPriscilla00020

Sea of Galilee:DavidlovesPriscilla00021

What a beautiful place!


The whole family had a private tour since the group we were scheduled to go with was significantly late. Thus, we got it all to ourselves for the same price. DavidlovesPriscilla00024

Lydia was chosen as captain and hoisted the American flag as we all chimed in with the United States National Anthem.


[youtube][/youtube] DavidlovesPriscilla00026

Brother time has been especially fun from soccer games in the morning to hiking up mountains and crossing the Jordan river.

[youtube][/youtube] DavidlovesPriscilla00027

Lydia has been our main trip photographer and has been a lot of fun. She is such a fun sister.DavidlovesPriscilla00028

Here David takes a moment to reflect on the traditional spot where Jesus gave the Beatitudes listed in Matthew 5, 6, and 7.DavidlovesPriscilla00029 DavidlovesPriscilla00030

Lunch stop near a church site that was dated back to Jesus’ day. Wow! Tons to see and do.DavidlovesPriscilla00031Guess what little wildlife we captured in this picture. A bunch has taken place and we have only been in Israel two days… more to come 🙂



  1. OH WOW!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! Please post lots of pictures, I would LOVE to go there and walk the same places that Jesus Himself walked!! Very excited for you all that you got to go there!! 🙂

    1. Enjoying these pictures so very much! Thank you David for posting. Give everyone my love, especially Sarah, of course, but we truly love you all!!!

  2. Wow, that is the trip of a lifetime! How exciting; and such pretty pictures!! 🙂

  3. Beautiful pics. How long will you be staying in Israel?

    I was just wondering why you made sandwiches for your 20 minute drive to the airport? Wouldn’t it have been better to eat a meal before leaving for the airport? Well, shoulda, coulda, woulda, as Judge Judy would say. LOL Isn’t a “fun traveling person” a “fun traveler”? I had a very strict grammar teacher in 8th grade. LOL

    Are you going to see the crying wall or any of the Jewish temples? How about visiting one of the universities? Not sure where you studied theology or seminary, but I always find it interesting how different cultures view the study of religion.

    Enjoy your trip.

  4. Thank you for continuing to share your adventures with us. David, you are a wonderful example of what a Christian husband and father. You are also a good writer as well and I always feel as if I’m right there when you share. I love watching your son grow up “right before my eyes.” It is evident by the smiles on Priscilla’s and Paul’s faces that you are a happy family. Yours and Priscilla’s story is yet another wonderful example of “courtship” masterminded by God. I have a 16 year old son and I show him stories like yours to encourage him to wait. Priscilla is beautiful and the joy and contentment on her and Paul’s face is evident. May God continue to bless the Waller family! Mindy

  5. It really isn’t the “dream of any person who loves scripture” because I love scripture, have been reading the Bible for 45 years, and I have no desire to travel there. (No offense to those who live there.) Though I do enjoy your’s and other’s pictures who have been there. Please don’t stereotype.

  6. Oh Israel! I was in May this year and it has definately been the journey of a lifetime! I also went to the Lake of Gennesaret.. and your guide on this boat is the same guy when I was there! And he had flags literally of every country.. and in the beginning he asked “where are you from?” then hooked up the right one on the top and we also sang the national anthem 😀 Have fun in Israel, the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. Greetings

  7. Sarah,so glad to see you all are having such a blessed time.
    Have a very blessed Christmas. Kimmie!!!

  8. Your post on this trip was wonderful. It was easy for our family to immerse ourselves in your adventure and to feel like we were a part of it. We follow your website as a family and it is so encouraging for our teenage daughters to witness what true love and happiness looks like. My husband and I provide a good example of a loving marriage, but we realize what a powerful influence it is for them to see young Godly young couples like yourselves. Thank you especially for this part of your ministry. You are helping more families than you know.

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