Paul’s First Birthday!

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Following Waller family tradition, David got up early on Sunday morning, March 16 and made a batch of “Swedish Pancakes” for Paul’s birthday breakfast–A special treat that is made to be remembered. Often, it goes along with an omelet, bowl of cereal or fruit.


The Swedish Pancake recipe is so simple, most Wallers have it memorized: 1 C Flour, 1 C Milk, 3 Eggs, 1 T of Sugar, 1 T Oil, a pinch of salt and few drops of Vanilla extract. It should have a very smooth consistency to make a flat, but great crape. Once cooked on a hot frying pan, a little butter is spread with a dusting of sugar. Yum! davidlovespriscillaDSC03212

Paul enjoyed his fair share of the yummy pancakes! It is amazing how much a little guy like him can eat!davidlovespriscillaDSC03220

After church, we came home and enjoyed a nice little birthday experience, complete with Paul smashing his piece of cake.davidlovespriscillaDSC03223Priscilla’s Brothers, Nathan and David were there to celebrate his first birthday with us. What fun memories!


  1. Happy Birthday Paul! The Lengel Family hopes you had a great birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Paul. May you continue to grow in God’s grace and strength. You have wonderful Godly parents and family. David and Priscilla thank you for sharing your family with the rest of us.

  3. Happy 1st birthday, Paul!
    It looks like you had a wonderful day! {you are so cute!!}
    You sure are growing up! =)
    We eat Swedish pancakes in our home….we have Swedish heritage!
    God bless and be near to you all!
    We love to see your up-dates!
    The Mayo Family
    Joshua 24:15

  4. Happy Birthday Paul!!!1 When is he going to have some siblings to play with?

  5. Happy (Late) 1st Birthday Little Man!!! I loved getting to see you at VVS13:)

  6. Happy 1st Birthday to Paul, glad he had a great 1st Birthday and enjoyed everything, same with everyone else, thanks for sharing, Priscilla & David, god bless you all, etc.

  7. Happy late birthday little one:) wow that is basically the same recipe my family uses and I have it memorized the only difference is we use only 2 eggs 🙂 I always thought it was a russian recipe since it was passed on from generation to generation in our family 🙂

  8. Hi David and Priscilla, Paul is surely growing up so fast and very adorable! I was just wondering from your video clip of giving out Gospel tracts on st. Patrick’s Day when you guys were with Priscilla’s brothers? I wanted to ask you where you got or purchased the Gospel tracts? I have had a few thoughts about giving out Gospel tracts to young children on Oct. 31st at a Preschool that I work at. Thanks so much for your blog and shining as Christ’s followers. God Bless!!

    Love in Christ,

  9. Happy birthday Paul! How many pancakes did you eat at your first birthday?

  10. God’s Blessings to Paul on his birthday!

    PS Surprised to see so many people asking you VERY personal questions related to your family. Seems inappropriate to ask about such matters on a blog.

  11. Hi David and Priscilla, Congratulations on your new little Blessing! I didn’t want to sound rude in any way but I just wanted to ask about the Gospel Tracts? I’m just not sure which kind of Gospel tract would be appropriate to give out to young children, that you may recommend? Thank you

  12. Hi David and Priscilla, I appreciate your blog and I truly apologize to you. Please continue to share your wonderful family and I pray that God bless your beautiful growing family!

    God bless

  13. What a beautiful family. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face with your sweet posts. May God encourage you as you encourage others with your ministry.

  14. I’m sorry I’m so late, but happy birthday, Paul! May the next year see you grow and learn, and see your own personality emerge. May your parents raise you and teach you in the ways of the lord. <3

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