Happy Birthday, Paul!

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“Mommy, how many days until my birthday?” That question must have been asked nearly daily in the months leading up to Paul’s 5th birthday. It was such a special day celebrating the life God has given. He has brought so much joy and fun to our home. He also has become quite a kind, loving and helpful young man.

Priscilla did an amazing job, as usual, of making the celebration festive with many decorations. 

David’s siblings were also able to come for a visit including Adam and his wife Valerie and their children. Lydia also drove down from the Oklahoma City where she is serving at a ministry there.

There is something about Paul turning five that just made the whole day so exciting! He just could not get enough of each moment!

It is amazing to see how much each of our children are growing up and maturing!

Lydia’s Visit

David’s younger sister Lydia was able to spend an extended weekend with us over Paul’s birthday and we ended up packing so much into that very busy weekend.

Lydia was so sweet to take time and invest in each of our children and had fun being the “auntie” lavishing them with attention and love.

Priscilla made special Mexican food and the children loved having a picnic on the porch.

These kids were just too cute and loved taking time with “Aunt Lydia.”

Paul obviously wanted a little different slant on things, so he decided to do a funny picture.

We Are Expecting!

While, Lydia was in town, we told our immediate family the great news that we are expecting baby number four sometime in late September! We are so excited to welcome this little one into our arms. The children are absolutely elated.

Stay tuned! Priscilla’s sister, Anna plans to throw a Baby Reveal party in late April, so we will let you know. What do you think? A boy or a girl?

A Marathon

One of David’s goals for the year was to complete another marathonWhile this was not a professional organized race, it was super fun because it was put on by family and friends of those running. 

David’s Brother, Adam and his wife Valerie had quite an ellabrote set-up for their aid station with well-marked signs and fruits and snacks for the runners.

The children enjoyed cheering on the runners

Priscilla, Paul, Davia, Phillip and David’s sister Lydia supported another aid station along the 26.2 mile route.

David finished the marathon, though he said it was the most difficult one he has done of the three he has completed and finished in 4 hours and 54 minutes.

Paul and Davia loved on their daddy, even though he was sweaty and tired.

Resurrection Sunday

Our family recently did a fun project & we captured it on video to share with other families. Biased, I know, but I think the kids are really cute & loved the lesson. Show your family & maybe you can make the Resurrection Story Come to Life.

To start off Resurrection Sunday, we attended a community Sunrise Service.

It was encouraging to see a number of churches from the community come together to celebrate our risen Lord.

We definitely looked like we came right out of bed to get there on time, but we enjoyed snuggling together to stay warm on the brisk morning during the service.

We had told the children about the Sunrise Service and there was allegedly going to be donuts there. HOwever, there turned out to be some coffee and mini cinnamon rolls which did not quite qualify as a doughnut. Following the service we took the children out for a doughnut. It was a fun treat and a special memory.

The children enjoyed joining in with several other families in doing a special Easter egg hunt. 

It was fun watching each of them scurry about the yard to find the eggs which corresponded with the their color.

Paul had the orange colored eggs and they were much more difficult to find. Paul rose to the challenge and had a bunch of fun.

We also took some time to color some hard boiled eggs with crayons before dipping them in the egg dye. 

Daddy’s Big Helpers

Whenever it is safe and possible, we like to include the children in our projects. Doing things as a family is so much fun. Davia was an expert light holder for daddy while he changed the spark plugs and coils on our car. 

Paul loves watching daddy work on things is constantly trying to help.


  1. Congratulations on the new baby! Can’t wait to hear if it’s a boy or a girl! I’m not sure why, but I’m thinking boy. 🙂

    What a nifty idea to have kids search for specific colored eggs! I had never thought to do it that way, but I think I will next time.

    So, I was wondering, you all seem to have a name theme going, but I wasn’t sure if I had it right. Are you alternating P and D names? Or are you doing P names for boys and D names for girls? Just curious! Thanks!

  2. ❤️Congratulations to David and Priscilla and Family❤️to your ????new Baby ???? on the Way. I am so happy for you and your Family. ❤️Children are a Gift and a Blessing from the Lord❤️. Greetings from Germany to the USA

  3. Congrats David and Cil! I’m going to guess GIRL just to keep the gender of your children alternating!

    Amazing marathon! My favorite place to be in such is on the sidelines passing out the snacks!!

    Blessings from right here in Texas,

  4. I cannot tell you what a tremendous blessing and encouragement you are for me! I’ve watched with such joy the “Resurrection Cookies” video that you did!

    Each update from you guys is so precious! You’ve certainly made an impact in my life for eternity!

  5. Paul, it looks like you had fun on your special day. You are getting to be such a big boy. I saw the video of you singing in church. I know the Lord is very happy with you! Congratulations to all of you on expecting the new baby! I’ll guess a girl; only because I think Davia would like a little girl not too far from her age to relate to.

  6. Congratulations on the new baby due in September. Thank You for these lovely photos. We enjoy keeping up with your beautiful family. God Bless you and yours.
    Joan, Marion and Marilyn

  7. Lovely surprise. I’m so happy for the whole Waller family. Priscilla, you’re the prettiest momma ever, with such a sweet disposition. I’m thinking you’re having another boy? Fun to guess, but God has perfect plans for this little one, right down to the gender. Congratulations, all. What a blessing indeed. Peace! ~thar

  8. I love these posts! Thanks for sharing bits of your family life with us. Congratulations on the pregnancy!

  9. Another precious gift from the Lord!! Yaaaaay!! Lydia is stunning! I’m so glad you were able to spend some time with your sweet family. And Priscilla is as beautiful as ever! She is such an example and encouragement to me. Happy belated and blessed birthday Paul! I remember the first pregnancy announcement. And now Paul is five and you’ve made your fourth announcement!! Wow!! God is good!! I appreciate SO much the glimpses into your life and family and ministry. Keep serving and following! God bless y’all! ❤️

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