It’s a Girl!!!

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Any chance we have to celebrate the miracle of life, we celebrate! Soon after we found out that we were expecting, we called our family and friends so they could rejoice with us. Priscilla’s younger sister, Anna, almost immediately asked if we were going to find out the gender. When she heard we wanted to find out, she and her husband Josh offered to do a reveal party.

Josh and Anna had already planned a trip down to East Texas during the time that Priscilla’s parents were going to be in town, so it seemed natural to invite everyone else who could make it to join us for the special day. In fact, I think the whole thing of getting together as a family became the main focus point.

Everyone started early in the day setting all the decorations up to make it a festive occasion.

Priscilla’s mother has been such an encouragement! She is so loving, kind, thoughtful and sensitive.

Family Pictures:

Before we did the gender reveal, we all went out to the empty field next to our home and took a new family picture.

 All of Priscilla’s siblings, but her older sister Esther, were able to make it. Esther is serving as a missionary in Zambia, Africa with her husband John and their eleven children.

One happy bunch of cousins along with their wonderful grandparents posed for this pic! Grandma was so sweet to get all of her granddaughters matching dresses.

Finally, after picture time comes the reward for doing a great job during the pictures–popsicles!

A great candid picture of Priscilla’s three brothers, Nathan, Daniel, and David!

It’s a Girl!

Picture time was not quite over. We had a quick family picture as we eagerly awaited the news.

The video says it all! So much fun!

Josh and Anna brought the box out and ran to join the rest of the family.

When we opened the box top, there was no question. The pink was everywhere!

Everyone was super happy and the whole thing made for a very fun way to find out the gender. While none of us knew, except Josh and Anna, we had the hunch it was a girl just based on how Priscilla has been feeling. It was so fun to confirm our suspicion!

Please continue to pray with us that God would bless us with a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery of this little girl sometime late September or early October.


  1. Congratulations on guessing the baby’s gender. Prayers and good thoughts for a healthy baby girl. You have such a beautiful family. God Bless All.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  2. A baby girl!! I’m so excited and happy for y’all! God bless your sweet family of SIX! What a blessing. It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was looking at wedding and honeymoon pictures on here. And now look what God has done! Amazing. God is SO good! So good. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! It’s so exciting that God has blessed your family with another sweet baby girl! Prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby!


  5. My favorite part is Davia’s shocked face! She must be trilled to be having a baby sister in her arms soon!
    Some “D” names for this little one: Danielle (God is my judge), Deborah (Bee), Dove – all meaningful names from the Bible 🙂

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