Baby Shower

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Children are a blessing from the Lord! A great way to demonstrate our love for the Lord is by loving children and celebrating their arrival into this world. Monday night, Priscilla hosted a baby shower for two expectant mothers who are our friends.

Instead of doing all of the food on her own, Priscilla asked each guest to bring some snacks or desserts to share.

Priscilla, Paul and Davia made the cupcakes which were a huge hit among those attending the party.

The little girls had a ton of fun and Davia was in the midst of it all.

One of the games that Priscilla organized was a quiz of babies and their moms and dads from Scripture

This turned out to be slightly more difficult game than we originally suspected, but provided everyone a fun challenge.

One of the experienced mothers in the group shared a devotional.

Most of all, we were able to honor the mother’s and their little ones soon to make their appearance. 

We have often prayed that God would use our home as a place of hospitality and joy. We praise the Lord that it was used to host this special event.

Ministry Building Dedication

A ministry that David participated in when he was fifteen and sixteen years old was a ministry teaching character in the public Schools of Oklahoma along with after-school Bible clubs. This ministry has reshaped and launched as In the Gap Ministries. They recently saw God do an amazing thing in providing for their needs and were able to acquire a property for the training of interns to go into the schools. We were blessed to participate in their building dedication.

David’s younger sister, Lydia, continues to serve in that ministry and we are so proud and blessed to see her equipping young people to impact the world for Christ.

David posed with a pastor who has been influential in the work taking place in the community.


  1. What a memorable day for those sweet mommas! Priscilla did a great job and the kids song was SO cute! I’m happy that you are surrounded by love and able to give it back to those around you. God bless!

  2. I agree, children are a blessing from God. I just love the way you do things as a family. Priscilla, you did a great job putting everything together for the baby shower and I am sure your 2 friends appreciate it.

  3. Thank You for sharing the baby shower with your readers. Those cupcakes look delicious. You and the children did a good job.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  4. What a lovely video and some great ideas shared! I always enjoy seeing and hearing from you both. You encourage and inspire my walk with the Lord so much.
    Laura in NE FL

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