1. You are so thoughtful! Your wedding pictures are just beautiful!!!!!! WE love you and we are praying for you.
    May God bless you with His wisdom, grace, strength and health.

  2. Congrats on the marriage and may God bless the marriage for years to come

  3. How did we miss this? We didn’t even know yall were engaged. Wow, I am so excited for both of you! May the LORD bless you both on your new life together.

  4. You are such a cute couple! What song is at 1:05:05 and goes through to end of reception? Please answer!!! Take care and God Bless You!!

  5. Can I ask why the bibles were included with the bridesmaid, this is something I have never seen before!

    1. Author

      The Bible is what we have chosen to base our decisions on and both of us remembered weddings in our families where Bibles were used by the Bridesmaids. For Priscilla, her older sister Esther had each of her bridesmaids hold Bibles topped with flowers. David’s mother carried a Bible along with her Bridsmaids. You are very attentive to details!

  6. Dear David and Priscilla- Congratulations! I really enjoyed watching your wedding video. Can I ask what the name of your Unity Candle song is? I really enjoyed what I could hear of it (my computer speakers are not very good) and possibly the lyrics if you have time. My best friend is getting married and I am her maid of honor and would like to have her listen to this song as well as see your beautiful wedding for ideas when she gets back from boot camp. Also, congratulations on the baby! God Bless. Your Sister-in-Christ, Sarah.

    1. Author

      The song was Together We Will Serve and it was written expressly for us by a dear friend.

  7. What a beautiful ceremony. The love was palpable, and the prayers were so touching. I wish I could’ve had such a wedding when I got married, but I was being deployed. My husband & I will be celebrating our 12th anniversary next month! May God grant you many years, many children, much laughter, and abundant love.

  8. YOu don’t know me, I am a complete stranger. However, I do believe in the family of God and I viewed the video of you wedding and can’t tell you how precious it was to watch. Such a beautiful blessing that God has given you and I was blessed by watching it. God’s abundant blessing’s to you!

  9. Loved your wedding on 19 kids and counting and loved it again here on your own website!
    All the best in your marriage!

    Hello all the way from Tasmania Australia!

  10. What a wonderful job both of your parents did raising such wonderful Christian children. The wedding was a perfect representation of God’s
    love in your hearts. I have just finished a course by Bill Gothard
    and was impressed by what he said at the wedding. I look forward to
    keeping up with your new life and how the Lord will use you in the
    Judy Hutcherson

  11. Very beautiful and God honoring. This is how God intended weddings to be. I know God has many things in store for you two.

  12. I was watching 19 Kids and Counting when I saw some footage from your wedding. I was astonished to find out that you got married on my 40th birthday! A wonderful day to get married. 🙂 I wish you, your husband, and both your families the best and hope you have joy, love, and happiness all the days of your lives. 🙂

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