1. Yea! I’m so glad you all updated your website finally! God Bless!

  2. SOOO GLAD to check this morning and see current news/updates about David and Priscilla, our Precious Brother and Sister in Christ!!! Thank you so much for squeezing the time to do this! Know that sharing in this way is a HUGE part of your ministry for the Lord! We’re praying for you and the team through your time in Romania, so excited to read about the Lord’s work through you already in November, the Gypsy church and pastor’s sharing especially speaking to our hearts. Whew, believers need so much encouragement… and that’s what you are to our family as well!! The Lord bless you both richly as you continue to seek and serve Him! WE LOVE YOU!!!

  3. So good to see you so happy and so well! Praise God for his grace, mercy, and love. May God continue to bless you and provide you with His knowledge, wisdom, and discernment as you serve Him together.

  4. I just love what you two are doing to help share God’s message of love!

  5. You two are adorable!! Definitely a match made in heaven 🙂 Best wishes to you both

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