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Well folks, we are still out and on the road. In the past six weeks we have traveled around 13,000 miles and have had 26 Family Connection meetings as well as a week long Conference and a few church services. We still have five more weeks until we are home, so if you are on the East Coast, check out www.FamilyConferences.org and see if we might be coming to a city near you. We would love to meet you! Here are a few of the pictures from our travels.


We were glad to meet up with Priscilla’s brother Daniel and spend a few hours together in Houston, Texas. Daniel is Priscilla’s older brother and it was so nice to be able to take a little time and catch up on all the of the developments in our growing families.

Paul’s energy and enthusiasm for each place that we have stopped has been encouraging. Often, when we wake up after a busy evening and a short night, he will ask, “Are we going to another friend’s house today?” We smile and assure him that we have more adventures and new friends ahead to meet and visit with.DavidLovesPriscilla03

Many of the meetings are small and consist of 30-60 people gathered in a living room, church, or community center. Families gather to hear God’s Word preached and to enjoy good fellowship.DavidLovesPriscilla04

At one location in Seattle, our host kindly took us out in his little boat for a ride in the Puget Sound. It was so beautiful!DavidLovesPriscilla05

Thankfully, the water was calm and the children really enjoyed “the ride in the boat.”DavidLovesPriscilla06

The location for the children’s program varies greatly. This one was in a backyard in Idaho surrounded by sugar beet fields. DavidLovesPriscilla07

Paul and Davia enjoyed this swing set and shared a swing in unique style.DavidLovesPriscilla08

David’s brother Samuel has not only helped a lot with the technological side of set up, but helped with the children’s program.DavidLovesPriscilla09

Another special children’s program for young men has included a bow and arrow demonstration. The young men even had the opportunity to try their hand at the recurve bow. DavidLovesPriscilla11

We were blessed to visit a family in Kansas who had connections with a farmer in the area. This farmer allowed us to ride in a horse and buggy and ride to the center of the United States.DavidLovesPriscilla12

Priscilla even got to try her hand at driving the horse drawn carriage.


Also, at the center of the Continental United States was a neat little chapel with all sorts of Gospel tracts and a place to quietly pray or read the Scriptures that were placed there. DavidLovesPriscilla24

Humorously, with all of the boasts that the United States makes, at its very center, very little is there.


The Nakatsu Family hosted a Family Connection in Phoenix, Arizona. They were so gracious to open up their beautiful home to the many people who came.DavidLovesPriscilla14

David spoke at a church in San Jose, California that was a predominantly Chinese speaking. His message was on the power of God’s grace. He spoke through a translator and several seemed to resonate with the need for God’s grace on a daily basis.DavidLovesPriscilla15

Volleyball is always a fun way to get some exercise and get to know people in a less formal setting.DavidLovesPriscilla16

Davia has found many little friends in kitties that she meets along the way. Several were very friendly even allowing her to catch and hold them by herself.


Thanks to having a little extra time while on the road, we were able to stop for over an hour to go for a short hike at a beautiful waterfall and canyon.

Paul and Davia usually have great enthusiasm for the first portion of the hike, but on the way home, they often want a ride. DavidLovesPriscilla20

Lots of fun memories have been made while we are out for a hike.DavidLovesPriscilla21

Paul has enjoyed being a part of the children’s program memorizing verses, singing songs, and hearing Bible stories. DavidLovesPriscilla22

Thank you all for your prayer support and for meeting and encouraging us along the way! Though the travels are not always easy, we have thoroughly enjoyed the trip and found our labors well rewarded.

Here is a pictures slideshow:


  1. Hey Guys!!
    Will you put more pics of Priscilla’s baby bump, PLEASE!!!!

  2. I love seeing your family and especially all the places you have the privilege of seeing. What a blessing to serve the Lord! I saw that next month you were going to be in Florida and I hope I get to meet you.

  3. You have such a lovely, godly family! I love reading about your adventures on the road and all the wonderful fellowship. Maybe one day I too can learn to walk with Christ.

  4. i always look forward to your updates! they make me feel there is hope for this world yet. keep up the good work.

    priscilla, you are the sweetest thing! you always sound so upbeat and always look amazing. you are such an inspiration to young women, wives and mothers. you really should put out more video’s!

  5. Hello David & Priscilla,
    It’s so interesting reading your blog. You should update it at least twice a month. How are the house remodels coming along? Do you have any before and after pictures or videos? What are you thinking about naming the new baby? I think you should have a name with the first letter P. That way there is another P name (like Priscilla) in the family.

  6. What a blessing y’all are! our family and many others enjoyed the great fellowship when y’all came through OKC thank you! And may the Lord’s blessing and protection be upon you.

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