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After 90 days on the road traveling over 20,000 miles with 43 meetings spread across the United States and even into Canada, we are happy to be home. The trip was packed with wonderful adventure, great fellowship with families, and many messages of hope and encouragement. There are simply too many fun pictures and wonderful memories to recap them all here. But here is a picture slideshow to help:

Family Connection Picture Slideshow:

The Ark Encounter

One of the most meaningful visits we had as a family was the one we had at the Ark Encounter. It exceeded our expectations in so many ways.


From our first glimpse of the ark, we knew we were in for a real treat. The shear size of the ark was astounding to see! We know from the pages of Scripture that it was huge, but until you see it, it really does not fully register.

The children were mesmerized by the amazing sight! It made those pages of Scripture come alive.

Each of the exhibits were very tastefully done to honor Scripture, but also illustrate how this actually could have taken place. Things like ventilation and waste management are not typically what comes to mind when you read the book of Genesis, but when you take time to think it through, they were issues that needed to be dealt with in Noah’s day. Though we do not have it spelled out for us clearly in Scripture, there were several plausible solutions suggested in the museum. davidlovespriscilla03

Throughout the series of exhibits we met “Noah’s family” which were very realistic looking.

The beautiful craftsmanship of the largest timber frame structure in the United States was something to behold.davidlovespriscilla06

The children really enjoyed each little portion of the visit. Some took a lot longer than others based on how fascinated the children were.davidlovespriscilla07

At this particular exhibit the children could select from a series of topics and the animatronic “Noah” answered the questions. Paul could not seem to get enough.


Noah’s ark only had one door:

We will post updates more soon, especially as our little ones arrival is just around the corner!



  1. It sounds like you had a great time. What a blessing to be able to travel around the USA while giving the good news of Jesus our Messiah. What a special gift from our Heavenly Father. I had the privilege of meeting you both and Priscilla’s mom at your last stop in Florida. I look forward to hearing from you when your 3rd blessing arrives.

  2. Grateful to God for all you’ve done. You are a beautiful family who took on a great challenge. God gave you the strength, determination and love to do it all in His name and help strengthen and inspire others. Enjoy your time at home. You’ve earned it.

  3. I’m guessing Priscilla will have another girl and I’m guessing somewhere on or around OCT 15th!

  4. I want to say I pray God’s many blessings upon your whole family and may you and yours have a lovely day. Priscilla you are the sweetest light ever and you are always an encouragement in my life with your smile,your gentle tone, and your great encouraging words. I bet your house must always shine bright with you and your husband David in it! He is a wonderful light as well and also very encouraging with his leadership and his teaching! Thank you both!

  5. thank you for posting your update! i look forward to reading them. you give me hope for this world.
    looking forward to the upcoming baby post!!
    priscilla, i hope your family got through hurricane matthew ok. i did say a special prayer for them as they are the only ones i ‘know’ there. (not personally of course, just through tv & your posts) anyway, hope they were all safe and didnt have too much property damage .

  6. I was wondering how your house project went along, we have not seen the finished results, I want to see them, and I hope all is well with your family!!! Priscilla how are you feeling too!!!!!

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