November Happenings

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Recently we had the privilege of going down to Florida for a week of prison ministry followed by a week of time with family. God blessed the entire time with so many fun activities and special memories.

Dad Keller graciously picked us up at the airport even though it was a two hour drive to get us.

We got to stop by Priscilla’s sister Susanna at her office.

Paul, Davia and Phillip were delighted to get to spend time with their cousin Noelle.

Play ground time is always a fun experience.

To make it even better, Priscilla made it a picnic.

One of the fun stops we made was at Home Depot for their Saturday morning Craft activity. The children really enjoyed it.Paint has a tremendous draw for children. What better way to finish out their craft then to let them pick their color scheme and Noelle and Davia show off their work of art.

Priscilla and her mother have a special love for Dove Dark Chocolate covered ice cream bars.

Grandpa Keller is so good at including the children in projects. He even let Paul steer the law tractor while grading the tennis court.

Grandma Keller, Priscilla’s mother with her Father. What a nice time we had visiting him.


A Day at the Ocean

On one of the days, Nathan and David went to the Ocean with us and we had a wonderful time. The waves were perfect for our activities.

It is so neat to see our children’s uncles invest so much time in their nephews and nieces. We are so blessed.

Our children really enjoyed playing in the water and the weather was perfect.

Davia’s 4th birthday

While we were down in Florida, Davia celebrated her fourth Birthday. Susanna was so kind to throw a very fun birthday party 

The birthday party had so many cute decorations and had a western theme.

Thanksgiving in Houston

For Thanksgiving, we were so blessed to be with nearly all of Priscilla’s siblings and their families. It was quite a busy place to have twenty-three people all together, but we had so much fun and made a lot of good memories.

From basketball knock out, to dunking contests, we all had a lot of fun.

On Wednesday night, several went to visit “Nana” Shrader. Priscilla’s oldest sister is Esther and her mother-in-law is affectionately known as “Nana” Shrader.

Davia and her cousin, Meredith were such fun buddies the whole week.

A game of ticket to ride became quite competitive. Everyone seemed to enjoy the week. 

Marcus enjoyed pulling Meredith and Davia around in the wagon. 

One of the meals we enjoyed was a spaghetti dinner. It was fun to try and get everyone

Did I say Meredith and Davia love playing together?

Grandma enjoyed her time with her youngest grandchild.

Anna was so sweet to help all of the children with their coloring projects. Markers and toddlers are always an exciting mix that keep you on your toes.

David and Mason are pictured here on the stairs. Mason is quite a good climber. 

So many pitched in to help with the meals. Susanna and Priscilla worked on Thanksgiving Dinner prep.

Four of the five girls were able to be together. Of course, Esther is in Africa with her family and we missed them very much. It was a nice time for everyone to be together though.

Kevin and Rebekah were so kind to open up their beautiful home for everyone to stay in.

Thanksgiving dinner was an amazing feast.The children participated in a talent show singing various songs, playing an instrument, quoting Scripture or even telling a joke. It was quite a fun addition and allowed everyone to have a part.

On another day, we had our early Christmas gift exchange in addition to Grandma reading her favorite Christmas storybook. The children also had been working on a special Christmas puppet show. It was quite an evening full of fun.

Unfortunately, Priscilla’s brother had just undergone surgery and so he was in intensive therapy during the whole week. He was able to get out for a short time to have a visit a few minutes away from his inpatient therapy.



  1. It sounds like everyone had a memorable time with family and friends, great food and fun! I’m sure Priscilla’s parents enjoyed having all their grandchildren to fuss over. Children learn best how they are loved when it is demonstrated to them through loving actions.

  2. It looks like a wonderful reunion for all. Great pictures. Priscilla, you and your sisters are all pretty. Susanna and Anna look like twins. The Thanksgiving table was beautiful with the candles. tfs. 🙂

  3. Thank you for this update. Your family is beautiful. Noelle looks so much like Mackynzie. Wishing you and your family a Blessed Christmas and a Happy,Healthy and Peaceful 2019.

    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

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