Off to Sacramento!

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What a blessing it is to travel and serve the Lord! We are headed for a week in Sacramento, California. We are so grateful for the way the preparations have gone for the Regional Conference in Sacramento and we are super excited about all God may do through our time here.


Please pray that God would use us in whatever way He can to encourage the families who are seeking to home school their families using the ATI Curriculum. This curriculum is what both our parents used in teaching us. It centers all of learning around Scripture and features life as the character classroom for success. It is amazing how differently this approach has impacted families all around the world.



As we travel here through Phoenix, I see so many different people traveling with so many different burdens on their heart that are weighing them down. It is amazing to see all that people live for and give their lives for and motivates me to life my life for the Lord.


  1. Dear Priscilla,
    I live in California! I live about an hour away. How did you like it? Sacramento does not have as much to do as San Fran, but it is still fun.

    Valerie Waller! She and I e-mail. She is so much fun to talk to. We often talk about you three. I had always wanted to be like that with you, too. I know with the new little guy it will be not as easy to e-mail, now. But, as God says children are a blessing!

    I am 11, and love God!

    Please e-mail me if you have time.

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