22 Mile Bike Ride Into Chicago

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One of the things we have learned from our parent’s wise example is the importance of setting aside time to be together on a regular basis. Unfortunately, with the incredible amount of activity at times, our regular Thursday evening “Date Night” has to reschedule to another time. This week was one of those weeks. We had several important ministry opportunies  on Thursday and Friday. Thus, on Saturday we thought it would be special to take our Bikes to the train station and go to a special restaurant downtown Chicago. We biked to the station and then realized that it would be almost twenty minutes until the next train came along. We thought we could possibly meet up with the train at a station down the tracks if we needed but we would continue on our way. After a while of staying just ahead of the train, we forged out on our own and decided we could make it all the way on our bikes.

Along the way, there were a couple stops for minor adjustments. I did not really think about taking a wrench along with me. Most other times before getting married, one of my brothers would have been carrying a Leatherman or something, but we had to just patiently work with a very loose chain.

Almost to the restaurant, we crossed the Chicago river. A kind pedestrian offered to snap a picture. This season in our life has been very blessed and we are so grateful to God for the way He has had these first three months of marriage so perfectly planned and made so special.


  1. Very Nice to hear you are setting times aside for your family! May God Bless you both Richly.

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