Will You Be A Daniel?

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October 31st has for centuries been celebrated in many different ways. Growing up, there was encouragement by well meaning neighbors and friends to celebrate by dressing up in costumes of all sorts and parading the neighborhoods soliciting candy. My wise parents sought a fun alternative. Realizing that we would be standing alone by not participating they quickly thought of a role model in Scripture. Daniel chose to be different and not partake in what He felt would be wrong—the portion of the kings meat and wine. Thus, we instated Daniel Dinner. We have enjoyed going out and finding exotic fruits, vegetables, and all sorts unique things that we typically would not eat on a regular basis and doing our best to prepare them. With candles lit, and soft music playing we all typically sit down at the table and just before thanking the Lord for the food, we open our Bibles to the account of Daniel.

This year was super special as we introduced Priscilla to this Waller Family tradition. Adam and Valerie were also able to join us along with Derrick and Matthew. As we were preparing the dinner the door bell rang numerous times. We greeted each child and carefully instructed them “This is for you to eat [holding up candy] and this is not for you to eat J [holding up a Gospel tract]” The children would usually giggle and then run off to the next home. However, this year, I was shocked at how many of them really appreciated the tracts. We chose to use a little Bible tract. A few girls who must have been around eight years old stated, “Oh, I go to church, but not very often.” We were then able to share that it is really not about going to church, but about a relationship. One of the little girls looked up and asked, “Are you a preacher or something?” A few minutes later they came running back, “Hey, my mom and dad want one too. Can we have a few more of those Bibles?” As we reached for a few more inside the door the little children came right in after us and said, “Can I have one for my classmate as well?” Before I knew it she was counting out one for each of her twenty-five classmates. Then the other girl looked up and asked, “By the way, is it wrong to dress up like a demon?” We replied, “What do you think the Bible says?” The other girl quickly boasted, “Well I’m dressed up like a Greek goddess!” The other girl then replied, “I don’t think Jesus would like it very much when we dress like a demon.” What a blessing for us to be able to meet and share Christ’s love with many children last night.


  1. A Daniel Dinner… I love it! What a fun alternative that is also an encouragement to stand boldly. You have very wise parents. I enjoyed the pictures and the account of your evening.

  2. What a neat family tradition! We have one of our own – we always host a huge campfire hymn sing down in the woods behind our house, and this year we included a special time of praying for our country and the upcoming election. Many families from our church and area come for a sweet time of fellowship.
    Praise the Lord for the opportunities he gave you to be a light to those children! We have been challenged many times this past week to look for such opportunities to share Christ. It sounds like the Lord did a real powerful work!

  3. For those of us who did not have such a bible-based upbringing you both bring Christ centred love and encouragement into my adult life and marriage.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with me, after every visit to your blog i see a new way to share Christ’s love.

  4. What a great idea! I have struggled with what to do and this sounds like fun. Can’t wait to share with my husband. We both was raised to participate in halloween but now want to please God in ALL that we do. Having a kid of my own really made me open my eyes to the way we do things even more. Congratulations on the boy. I’m pregnant with #2 and will be finding out what it is in December. Thank you for being an example to all of us!

  5. Everything looked deeeelicious!! Priscilla’s stuffed mushrooms look yummy, too!! Recipe?? And I love how you chose to leave your porch light on and minister to the children. Sounds like you had a couple of little disciples! Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  6. My parents were devout Christians and we never celebrated Halloween. As children we understood why we did not celebrate it and we could give a reason for our faith to others, but what was missing was a beautiful and upbuilding event like your Daniel Dinner. Thank you for sharing because I want to provide a more enriching and encouraging Christian experience for my children and I would have never thought of something like that. You were truly blessed with amazing parents and you most certainly bless others when you share stories like this.

  7. Me again! Can you tell me where you got the salt and pepper shaker in the little wagon? I love it and would love to get one for my Thanksgiving table. Thank you!!

    1. A good friend of ours from Canada gave those to us saying she purchased them from a Bible bookstore. We sure have enjoyed them this season!

      1. Canada is pretty far away from Arizona! :O) But I found one on eBay and it should be here any day! Thanks so much!

  8. this is a wonderful idea. our family also stays home on that night and has a family dinner. daniel is a great person to study from the bible. GOD BLESS your family.

  9. Great job with the tracts. My dad had us bag up popcorn. Then we would staple a Gospel tract to the top of the bag.

    As the oldest child, I witnessed the family’s move from limited Halloween celebration to none. I think it was a good move.

  10. Hello! I was just wondering if you could explain to me why you don’t believe in celebrating Halloween?

    1. Thank you for asking! We as Christians have always had a dilemma as to what to do during this holiday because it seems that the celebration does not really highlight the attributes of who God is but rather features the darkness. It was interesting the even one of the little girls that came to our door had a question, “Is Jesus happy about dressing like a demon?” Some areas of life may not be altogether wrong and should never cause us to judge others. Often the good is the enemy of the best.

  11. While we do celebrate Halloween, I love this idea! The Daniel dinner is an awesome idea. What a blessing that your parents came up with a fun, God honoring tradition that you and your siblings are still able to share today. Great to hear about handing out tracts as well, what a wonderful way to be the light!

    As a newlywed, I read your blog regularly and I hope you guys know what an inspiration and encouragement you are to my husband and I. Thank you for sharing your story!

  12. Good idea! I think we’ll start that tradition next year. This year, we attended church and feasted on so much food-nothing wrong with that :). The food looks so amazing! Do you plan on posting some of Priscilla’s recipes?! Would love to try them out on my family and do something different! God bless!

  13. Great idea!
    We have a Daniel in our Family and he was named this way because it is hoped He will be given wisdom and strength from God to Dare to be different and set apart from
    Those who follow False teaching or worship anyone or anything other than the One true living God!
    We all think your celebration is a wonderful response to this season!
    Praying Gods Richest Blessings upon you all,

    Evans Family

  14. It is so encouraging to hear of others who don’t celebrate halloween like myself! I have never gone trick-or-treating as my parents taught me it was Satan’s holiday, and I am truly priviledged to say I’ve never done that. I love your tradition, and it’s a great opportunity to share Christ with others. God Bless you both!

  15. That is such a great idea!!!Your food looks so good! what are you all doing to celebrate Thanksgiving? 🙂

  16. Neat idea! We’ve never celebrated holloween or done any alternatives, so I thought it was neat seeing what y’all did! Byw, that food looks WONDERFUL!!!

  17. I love how even though your family does not participate in halloween activities you do not turn little ones away from your door on that night! I have neighbors who would turn their lights off and put signs in their yards telling people they didn’t participate rather than using it as an opportunity to reach those precious souls and their families!

  18. Keep it commin’…until they take it away from us!Thanks Kris for being a part of this prsoecs for the rest of us. It has taken many hours of research and preparation on your part, and I seriously appreciate it!

  19. I really like the idea!!! I do not take part of Halloween but I filled bags with fun children tracts to give away. God Bless you guys 🙂

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