We Are Expecting!

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We have big news at our home! We are excited to announce that baby number five is on the way! We are due late May or early June. We will know a more firm due date once we have an ultrasound. Check out our video announcement:

Destiny is 1 Year Old

The way God has designed life, we often have happy and sad things take place at the same time. The morning we received the news of Rebecca’s passing, we were also baking cupcakes to celebrate Destiny’s first birthday.

We literally celebrated Destiny’s birthdayat a gas station on our way up to be with family.


Phillip is 3 Years Old!

Phillip celebrated his third birthday. He is growing up to be quite a fun young man. He loves to come up and say to his parents, “Do you know that I love you!” He has so many ways of melting our hearts!

Davia Turned Five Years Old


Davia also celebrated her birthday recently and we enjoyed taking time with her. It is amazing to see what a lady she has become, even at five years old.

One of the highlights of her special day was going on a father-daughter-date.

A few other families came over for a wonderful time of fun at Davia’s birthday”tea party.”

Ministry at a Neighboring Church



Recently, one of the ladies of our church invited us to sing at a local nursing home. At that nursing home, a pastor’s wife served in administrative roles and overheard us singing. She then invited us to come and share at their church.

Our children had so much fun and did such a good job singing and quoting Scripture passages. They put on a 45 minute program before David took the pulpit and preached a short message.

The Pineapple Story

How did God use a pineapple garden and thieving natives to instruct a missionary in Biblical principles? Check out the story to find out.



One of our favorite missionaries is Otto Koning. We have listened the messages he has preached countless times since we were young. We recently had the privilege of honoring 50 years of his ministry since he ministered to the native tribes in New Guinea.

Check out the interview David had with Otto Koning at the church that pastor Gil Bates serves at. You can also listen and watch as Gil Bates does a special chalk drawing:

Thanksgiving Project

A few days prior to Thanksgiving we helped David’s parents again with their house building in Minnesota.




David and his siblings worked on building railings and steps for the porches.

The end product turned out nicely.


The day before we returned home after Thanksgiving we received several inches of snow– just enough to go sledding! The children really enjoyed it!


We are excited for Priscilla’s younger brother Nathan, who proposed to Nurie Rodrigues. She said, “Yes!” and they are planning for a July wedding.


Graeme Wolf and Lydia Waller Are Engaged!

Just before Thanksgiving, Graeme Wolf and Lydia Waller were engaged.

We are excited for both of them and excited about having one of David’s siblings potentially move to Texas in the future.

We had a lot of fun treating Graeme and Lydia to a double date. They are so much fun!


  1. WOW, WOW!!! Congratulations for all these great news and great works!!! Happy Birthday to Destiny, Phillip and Davia! Miss you all so much! Hugs from Romania!

    1. Author

      Thank you, Ovi! “Look at that!” Continues to be a phrase that reminds us of our special memories in Romania with you.

  2. Congratulations ! I am so excited for you about the great news of expecting another precious blessing from the Lord! I pray you will have a healthy and happy pregnancy. Children are a heritage from Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward. Psalm 127:3. And thank you so much for posting David’s interview with Otto Koning and Gil Bates presentation with the powerful message. It blessed my heart so much and I happen to have some family problems at present which I know God wants me to deal with so it really touched home. It was as if God was speaking to me through Mr. Bates. Best wishes, Carlette

  3. Congratulations. We will keep you and the baby in our thoughts and prayers. The children are getting so big. They are beautiful. Congratulations to the engaged couples. God Bless all.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  4. I haven’t checked in on your family in a while.
    The new blog looks great!

    I’m truly sorry for the loss you have gone through.
    Even through it is a different situation, this is something that helped as(and after) I was losing my Dad…Psalm 103:2-4

    I’m glad your family has some some beautiful news and things to look forward to!

    CONGRATS! On the new blessing on his/her way!!
    The kids look so happy about the new little one.

    Praying for y’all!!

  5. congratulations for all of your exciting announcements and praying for a safe pregnancy and safe delivery. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas soon.How is the house project that you all were doing on your own going on?It looks like God is doing big things in your lives.
    God bless
    Katie Blake

  6. Oh my! So much wonderful news in one post!! I am SO excited about your new blessing! I agree with Davia. I vote BOY. And the engagements are such exciting news! Thanks so much for taking time out of your very busy schedules to share the updates. I look forward to them so much! God bless and have a beautiful and merry Christmas!!

  7. Do U know how much I LOVE your family!!!!! Pricilla U make sure U take care of U, and put your feet up as much as U can!!!!!! WOW all those weddings, and birthdays!!!!!!! Your family looks so happy, and that takes lots. U are doing well, and that makes me, soooo happy!!!! I LOVE THE WALLERS’!!!!!!!

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