Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas!

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This Thanksgiving we were blessed to be able to travel down to Florida to spend it with all of Priscilla’s siblings with the exception of her sister and family who are serving the Lord in Zambia.


What a fun reunion to have seven of the eight Keller children present with their families.


Mom and Dad Keller really enjoyed having nine of the eighteen grandchildren together.


The time was packed with fun activities including some football as guys.


Whenever there are sports, good friendly competition comes quickly.


Grandpa was happy to meet his latest grandchild!


Priscilla and her mother spent special time sharing “baby and mommy talk”


The sisters did a lot of cooking. It was a crowded kitchen many times, but Priscilla had fun being with three of her four sisters.


A Bible trivia determined who got to do the dishes after the big meal and the guys lost.


David Keller is really good with children and did a great job guiding the children in playing even though sometimes it was in the dirt/sand :-).


Davia found her way into many arms and hearts throughout the time.


The annual tradition of the Thanksgiving Chain was another highlight with each family reading the ones they had written to the whole group.


A highlight for Mom Keller and all the grandchildren of age was frosting sugar cookies with various designs and colors.


Each one demonstrated quite the creativity!


Singing and playing Christmas carols is always a special experience at the Keller home.




The Christmas Nativity




Growing up in the Keller home, a family tradition is to dress up in costumes and quote Luke 2.


The little girls enjoyed dressing up as angels and giving the shepherds the Good News.


The shepherds discussed together their travel plans of visiting Bethlehem. Little Michael Duggar was the youngest, but seemed happy to be doing his part


Being that we have the youngest baby we had the opportunity to be playing the role of Mary and Joseph.

After arriving home we were blessed to have a friend put together a Christmas message along with our family. Check it out!


The day before bringing some family to the airport we took a little time going to St. Augustine and enjoyed good family time together.

As many can probably imagine, we have had a very busy house adjusting to the arrival of our precious daughter. I guess that is why it has taken so long to post pictures of our Thanksgiving together.


  1. You did a wonderful job on that video!
    Please don’t let rude people on Instagram and elsewhere discourage you.

  2. what a nice video! thank you for taking the time to keep everyone updated. you have such a beautiful family. merry christmas to you all. (and priscilla, you look amazing! motherhood certainly agrees with you. you are such an inspiration to many young ladies.)

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  4. Happy thanksgiving and merry chrismas i hope you had very good chrismas and thanksgiving you have a very sweet family!!

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