Merry Christmas!

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As many may know, last week we packed up our last things and closed the door to our first house and said goodbye to Chicago and headed to Texas! David’s work is relocating to a small town about two hours East of Dallas, Texas so we all have been super busy packing since we got home from three months on the road.


We have been so blessed to be able to pack our things into Portable On Demand Storage or PODS and have them shipped down with the rest of the things that the ministry is moving down.

Unfortunately, we did not get them packed before the snow came, so we had another added dimension of working with the cold blowing snow.


Our last Sunday at the church we have been attending for all of our married lives was bittersweet knowing that we would not be back for a long time but sweet with all the memories of people there and messages we have heard and been challenged by.IMG_1004We were able to celebrate our move with a nice time on an ice rink as a family. 

There is so much fun you can have on the ice, especially when you are skating together with your best friend!IMG_1133

After over 15 hours of driving over two days time we were happy to see the Texas State line. We got out for a picture realizing that many things will be very different living in the State of Texas.DavidLovesPriscilla02

Paul was so happy to unpack his books. He made a tower with them. IMG_1146

A few kind gentlemen came over and helped us unload our things in a matter of a few hours. It was such a blessing to have that help!

We have been blessed to be able to move into an apartment for a short season while we are fixing up a home that we purchased.  IMG_1164The house that we purchased was one we had been watching for sometime on the web noticing that it had been going down in price. It was a foreclosure that an investor had purchased and then was not able to flip due to their terminal health condition. They were glad to see it get into the hands of a young family.

Lots of projects all at once can be overwhelming, but it has been neat to see how God has provided just the right help or tools at the right time.IMG_1182

The children have been so good to play together under our watchful eye. They have enjoyed the much bigger area to play in and I’m sure they will appreciate that even more as they get older.IMG_1175

There was a large whole cut in the floor of the master bedroom. David jumped right in and in just one week, we have seen so much progress.IMG_1193There are some major things that need to be done to the house, but when it is finished up, it will be a wonderful place for us to live. Paul has had so much fun being daddy’s big helper!



Just to add some fun, we quickly installed a slide off the front porch and the kids love it.


It’s Christmas Eve! Priscilla and Paul and Davia are having fun making some more fun treats to enjoy! May God bless each one of us with a deeper awareness of his presence in our lives and gratefulness for His coming to earth.


  1. I just love yalls family! My family just made the move to El Paso tx with my husbands job, he is in the Army. Priscilla you are such an encouragement to me. I have three year old twins and some day can be overwhelming. I watched some of your videos on YouTube and they helped me so much!
    Merry Christmas

  2. Congratulations David & Priscilla on your move and new home. Wishing you all the best in your new endeavor. Hope you guys give us a house tour once you get settled. We missed your blog post and we are happy to see you’ll once more. 🙂

  3. Welcome to Texas!
    We are just north west of Dallas. We attended Big Sandy for the first time last year. We moved here in 2014 from California.
    I hope you are all okay from the storm this past weekend!

    1. Annie, we are north of Texas, we have been doing sermon dvds since attending basic seminar 7 years ago, this year will be our first Big Sandy meeting. Hope to meet other families that are close to us…. here north of McKinney Texas

  4. Look at thaaat!!! 🙂

    Wow!!! What a news! Thank you for taking the time to post it! I’ve been very encouraged by this post! I love Paul’s books tower! 🙂

    Merry Christmas!


  5. It is so great to see your blog and to see what you guys are up to with the big move! It must be so fun also to do some work on the new house and create such precious memories fixing it up. What a blessing! Paul is so so big and Davia is very adorable! We miss you all so much! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of the Lord! We are praying for you all and hope to keep in touch with you!
    In His Service,
    Andre and Veronica Garcia

  6. Oh man!! We will miss you guys dearly at our church! I hope you come and visit soon!

  7. So happy for you.Your first home.Congratulations!!A great example of having a Godly attitude in the middle of what could be a stressfilled time.Like love,attitude is a choice.Great to watching you decide to enjoy this time(installing slide etc.)keeping in the knowledge that God is taking care of everything else.What a great living example for other young couples you both are.Gods continued blessings as you work to win hearts and lives for him.

  8. Thank you for your faithful witness for Christ! Priscilla and David, what Bible do you recommend? I need a new one, and would appreciate your opinion. Thanks so much.

  9. Priscilla, your video about focusing on what’s important during a stressful time was so encouraging. You are inspiring! Congrats on your move and your new house!! 🙂 Will you and David miss the snow? What will you miss most about the Midwest? (I am from Michigan) 🙂

  10. My family and I are huge fans of yours and David’s from seeing you on TLC and watching your wedding.Now have been watching you guys on youtube.You are such a inspiration to us!Wish there were more people like you two in the world!You seem perfect for eachother and the kids are absolutely adorable!What a perfect family!Priscilla seems like the sweetest person!She is beautiful inside and out!I hope to see you all on t.v. again!Good luck in Texas!Im sure you guys will like it there!

  11. That will be a beautiful house once you get it straightened out. Hope you all can get to Dallas to get away from the project here and there. Maybe just to eat out once in a while.

    You definitely upgraded in terms of climate.

  12. How did I miss this update?!? I am so encouraged to see all the smiling faces! My husband and I moved from Alabama to Arizona and there were a few times I had trouble smiling. I can definitely be stressful, but looking back, it really was a fun and exciting adventure! And although your new house may need a little elbow grease, it is already a home to your precious family. I pray that the blessings of God will be poured out upon you as you start this next phase of life and ministry. I really, REALLY look forward to your updates and YouTube videos. They bring me so much encouragement. Thank you for sharing! God bless!

    1. Oops…. I didn’t mean to say “I can be stressful”. I meant “it can be stressful”. My husband might say I can be stressful though!! Ha ha! :O)

  13. You have taken on quite a project! My husband and I have also recently purchased a fixer upper. I would enjoy seeing pictures of the progress on the house and seeing the process of making your house a home.

    Your family is lovely. Thank you for your witness. I wonder if you have any idea what an encouragement you are to others?

  14. PLEASE PLEASE, update this site, I KNOW, this sounds kind of funny, but I really like see your family, and I think you all are great people!!! THANKS!!!!!

  15. Priscilla i wanted to thank you for posting about when you were moving and what the Lord showed you it was really great for me to hear my mom sister and i just moved in a month ago to a new house and the move was very stressful but i agree Jesus is sufficient for our every need and it is important to remember our tempers when it gets stressful I can imagine it is hard sometimes with little ones i don’t have any kids and am not married so i don’t know about all that yet.I live in Memphis and i am in school to get my bachelors degree in social work.I found out about you and your husband through seeing you on the Duggars show.I am praying for Josh and anna and their kids.well just wanted to say God bless and thanks for posting that good luck with the rest of your renovations.

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