April Happenings!

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So much has happened this April and we just have not taken the time to capture it all on our blog. Here are a few of the top highlights!

Congratulations Derrick and Jennifer!

One of David’s older brothers, Derrick was thrilled to hear a “Yes” from Jennifer Wilkes when he asked her to marry him on Wednesday, April 15, 2015. Jennifer and her family live on a beautiful farm near Culpeper, Virginia.DavidlovesPriscilla0416151256

Here is a picture of the New Year’s card that the Wilkes family sent out. We are so happy for Derrick and Jennifer and will keep you posted on a wedding date and location. Hopefully we will also get to post more of their story.

Happy Easter!


A quick family picture was captured just outside our church on Easter Sunday morning! We are so blessed to be able to celebrate our risen Savior!DavidlovesPriscilla0403152130a

We were also blessed to be able to go to an Easter Drama that portrayed the story of Easter. It was fun to talk with some of the cast after the big production. DavidlovesPriscilla0403151515b

We had invited a family from church to come over for dinner and go to the drama following our dinner. We took some time to play a bunch of the classic Easter hymns.DavidlovesPriscilla0403151516b

One of their children, who is special needs, really enjoyed holding Davia. All children are a gift from God and precious in His sight!


Just a few days before Robert and Kendalyn had their baby, they invited a few friends over including us for a special Easter egg hunt. This included a Easter Egg illustration which walks you through the story of Easter.


Shower for Baby StaddonDavidlovesPriscilla0416151944a

Our good friends, Robert and Kendalyn Staddon just had a beautiful baby boy. We were blessed to be able to host a baby shower for them in our home.Attach0_9

Robert and David worked in the same office for about four years during their bachelor days. They became good friends and are happy to both be dads.DavidlovesPriscilla0416151905

Priscilla’s hospitality showed itself once again with all sorts of delicious refreshments.DavidlovesPriscilla0416151905b

A friend brought these creative fisherman’s cupcakes complete with a goldfish cracker and pretzel stick as the fishing rod.DavidlovesPriscilla0416151913a

David did his best to entertain the younger children outside while the shower went on inside.


Travels to TexasDavidlovesPriscilla0418150556c

Recently, we went to Texas for a Family Conference. We were able to drive Josh and Anna Duggar’s RV down to Texas for them.DavidlovesPriscilla0421151134a

At the conference, Paul enjoyed playing with many little children at the park they hadDavidlovesPriscilla0424151445a

Paul is so quick to learn new things by watching other children. As he saw other children swing, he quickly followed in their footsteps and enjoyed the “big boy” swing, even though it was in a little different style.DavidlovesPriscilla0424151453c

Davia sure has grown up and loved her swing too!Attach0_7

While in Texas, Mackynzie Duggar found some adorable puppies to play with and quickly showed them to her aunt Priscilla.Attach0_8

Home at Last!

DavidlovesPriscilla0426151350Arriving home after a long drive from Texas, there is nothing quite like a good Sunday afternoon cook-out with family.


Truly our brothers and sisters are our best friends. We love spending time with them at every opportunity we get. We were able to enjoy a larger gathering of siblings. Adam and Valerie were able to move into their new rental home the day before we visited.




Paul and Davia are so glad that is finally warming up. Priscilla enjoys walking to nearby parks and letting the children enjoy some nice fun.
DavidlovesPriscilla0414151432aThis year, Paul is big enough to enjoy slides. Sometimes the static causes some fancy hair-dos.



  1. it’s always a pleasure to read your blog! i wish you posted more often, i enjoy keeping up with you. priscilla, you are such an inspiration to young mothers with your patience! (and even to grandmothers like me) thank you for sharing yourselves with everyone.

  2. Thanks for the updates on all the family’s doings. The children are gettng so big and are adorable.
    Marilyn and family

  3. Thank you so much David for taking time to share your precious family with your readers. I love your blog. You and Priscilla both are such an inspiration for young and old alike. I hope someday to meet Priscilla. She has to be one of the sweetest moms ever!

  4. am curious as i am mennonite have 13 children what you do for a living? you always seem to be on the road with your family, where do you live on a farm? we do we love to live off the GOOD LORDS LAND! we dont get to travel that much farming work and many kids to tend too. would love an answer here am sure many are curious as I. mary byler huntsburg, ohio mennonite mom of 13! LOVES GOD!

  5. What a joy it was to see this post! Especially the news about my very own darling sister’s engagement to Derrick. We are so excited over here and praise the Lord for His marvelous doings in the lives of His children. He is so good! Looking forward to doing a Wonderful Waller Wilkes Wedding with you all…very very soon:-)

  6. Love you guys. Love your family. Love your values. I hope you hear my heart when I say this (and that tone does not get lost in cyberspace), but please change ONE word in this post. That little girl with special needs…It isn’t , “She IS special needs.” It’s, “She HAS special needs.” It might have been a typo on your part, but to be clear, she is not a label, and is not defined by those needs. Thanks for understanding.
    ~Mom of a child who has special needs.

  7. I just wanted to say how encouraged I am whenever I read your posts. We all work, raise children, worship, care for family members, and extend hospitality, but you are such a fine example for doing all these things with joy. Anytime I catch myself lacking that joy form within that you always radiate so well, I know it is time to draw closer to God. Keep on being a blessing Waller family! Our family appreciates your fine example.

  8. Priscilla everytime you speak it is with so much conviction. You are a credit to your beliefs!!

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