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Today, our family embarks on an adventure of a life-time to the continent of Africa to visit Priscilla’s oldest sister, Esther and her husband John, along with their eleven children (number 12 is on the way!). Priscilla’s two brothers, Nathan and David, are also embarking on this trip as well. We could not be more excited! In just a few hours we will board the airplane. 36 hours later, we will be in Zambia, Africa for a two week family visit.

We are excited to join the Shrader Family in their regular ministry and mission work while we are in Zambia and support their effort to reach the people of Africa with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We would greatly appreciate your prayer support while we are there.

On our way to Christmas in Florida

On our way down to Florida we stopped off in Houston, Texas and visited with Priscilla’s sister and her family while also helping her brother Daniel and his family with a house remodel project.
David played Risk with Annabelle and Alyssa.
Rebekah’s husband Kevin puts on a wonderful Christmas party each year for a home for mentally challenged adults. We had so much fun attending, seeing the joy on each face as each person opened gifts and sang Christmas carols to our heart’s content.
A beautiful dinner out with family!
We enjoyed some quality time working on a project with Priscilla’s brother Daniel and his wife, Diana installing tile throughout their new house.

On to Florida

After making it to Florida, we snapped a picture with all the family present.
One of the first things we did upon arriving in Florida was participate in the Christmas program that Mom Keller puts on each year.
Singing while Phillip inspected his out fit 🙂
Special treats for all those who did such a great job on the Christmas program. Maybe that is how Grandma was dubbed, “The M&M Grandma”
Sweet snuggle times with Grandma!
Grandma loves to have story-time with her grandchildren
We were blessed to also visit Priscilla’s grandfather and her aunt and uncle and cousins on Christmas Eve just before heading to the beach for some time in the ocean.
We enjoyed a beautiful Christmas dinner out on the back porch
A very creative and generous Christmas gift for all the children from David, Nathan and Susanna was a bouncy house rental for the children. They used it and enjoyed it immensely for five days.
Another fun gift we helped with along with Rebekah’s kind generosity was redoing the counter tops for the Kellers.
It was quite a bit cooler than ideal when we made it to the ocean and the wind picked up significantly.
With such intense gusts of wind, we did great with the sail up as long as we were not near the water 🙂 So much for trying things for the first time. Next time we will try a calm lake with just a very slight amount of gentle and stead breeze.

Girl’s Day Out

One of the traditions when we go to Florida is to give the girls a day to go out, shop, eat and relax. They had fun shopping and getting things ready for our trip to Zambia as well as purchasing a few things for a special bridal shower for Priscilla’s sister Susanna.
Sister-time setting up for the special shower


  1. I think it’s so nice that even though you live far away from each other, you still manage to stay close and spend time with each other a few times a year. And I must say that Davia makes an adorable little angel ! So happy for you that you get to go to Africa; stay safe.Love Carlette

  2. Thank You for this update on your lovely family. Glad you all had a blessed and Merry Christmas. Wishing you and your family a Happy,Healthy and Blessed 2020. Have a safe trip to Africa. God Bless.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  3. I SO look forward to your updates! It’s so nice to take a little peek into your lives. You have such a sweet family and Priscilla is such a godly example to other mommas like me! I hope you have a wonderful time in Zambia! Stay safe and God’s traveling mercies be with you all.

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